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Terms of use

CATS Library offers 13 individual study cubicles (carrels) to CATS students for the preparation of academic theses.

Academic theses are defined as: bachelor's theses, diploma theses, master's theses, admission theses and doctoral theses.

In addition to the Terms of Use, the provisions of the Rules and Regulations of Heidelberg University Library apply.

1. Allocation

1.1. Carrels are allocated to single individuals for a maximum period of 2 months.

1.2. Individual study cubicles are allocated to students or members of the Centre for Asian and Transcultural Studies (CATS) who have a valid student card with Uni ID or a valid library card from the University Library and can prove that they are writing an academic thesis. This proof must be presented at the time of registration (see application form).

1.3. Please register for a carrel at the circulation desk of the CATS Library using the application form. By signing the application, the terms of use are accepted.

1.4. If there are more interested applicants than available carrels, the allocation will be made according to the time of receipt of the application. A waiting list will be kept.

1.5. Carrel reservation can be extended for a further two months at the earliest one week before the end of the current period. If there is already a waiting list, an application for an extension will be treated as a new application and will be placed at the end of the waiting list.

2. Use

2.1. The key card to your carrel can be collected at the circulation desk upon presentation of the student or library card. Please return your key card daily, at least 30 minutes before the library closes. Passing the key card on to others or use of the carrel by other persons is prohibited. If a key card is lost, the user will be charged a processing fee of 20.00 EUR in addition to the compensation for damages.

2.2. For safety reasons, the carrel door must not be locked from the inside.

2.3. The duties of conduct regulated in § 9 of the University Library Rules and Regulations must be observed at all times.

2.4. Carrel users are entitled to store media units of the University Library and the CATS Library in the cubicle. However, non borrowable media (e.g. reference works from the reading room or media from course reserves) must be removed from the carrel daily when leaving the cubicle, at the latest by the end of opening hours, and returned to their original location. If borrowable media units are to be used, these media must be properly borrowed beforehand. Media deposited in a work cubicle that have not been properly borrowed will be returned by library staff. In the event of repeated offence, the authorisation to use the carrels may be withdrawn.

2.5. Carrel users may bring technical equipment (e.g. laptops, notebooks, etc.) required for their academic work for use in the cubicles.

2.6. The cubicle's furniture may not be moved or altered; no additional library furniture may be placed in the carrels. Walls and doors may not be pasted up or covered.

2.7. When leaving the carrels, users are responsible for switching off or removing technical equipment that has been brought in and for switching off permanently installed technical equipment.

2.8 Library staff is authorised to enter the carrels at any time for inspection purposes.

3. Termination of use

3.1. At the end of the reservation period, users must completely vacate the carrels and leave them in proper condition. Issued key cards are to be returned at the circulation desk of the CATS Library.

3.2. If the carrel is not vacated in time, CATS Library is entitled to evict the user.

3.3. If a carrel is not used for a period of 1 week, it will be vacated without consultation and given to the next person. Items brought in will be treated as lost property. Library books will be reclaimed and returned to their regular location.

3.4. Absences of up to 2 weeks must be announced in good time at the circulation desk. If the absence lasts longer than 2 weeks, the carrel must be vacated.

3.5. In case of obvious non-use, disregard or violation of the terms of use or  the University Library Rules and Regulations, or if the user's library account has been blocked, users may have their authorisation to use the carrels revoked.

4. Liability

4.1. The University Library accepts no liability for objects of any kind brought into the carrels.

4.2 In case of damage to the carrel or its furniture, or in case of loss of the key card, the user is liable for compensation.

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