Course Reserves

Icon SemesterAcademic staff of the CATS institutes can select media from the CATS Library as well as from the UB and the Bergheim Campus Library to create course reserves for the duration of a semester. Students can use media from the course reserves within the library but may not borrow them home. Thus, important titles can be made accessible to a larger group of students.

Application form

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Explanatory notes

  1. A separate course reserve is created for each course (from 1 October or 1 April each year at the earliest).
  2. Please fill in the application form to set up a course reserve.
  3. Please complete the application form with a list (e.g. Excel or Word) of all the books you wish to borrow, including shelfmark and short title (in Latin), or hand in the books you wish to borrow directly at the circulation desk together with the application.
  4. You can send your application with the title list by e-mail to the CATS library ( or hand it in at the CATS Library circulation desk.
  5. Shortly before the end of each semester, all course reserves will be dissolved.
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