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CATS-Schülerlabor/CATS Student LabExtracurricular activites in Asian Studies
CATS Schülerlabor
CATS Student Lab brings students of the senior classes and researchers of Heidelberg University together to explore current research questions in Asian Studies. For one day students themselves take on the tasks of for example a historian or a geographer. That way they get a clear idea of the methods and tasks in academic research.
The workshops offered include numerous topics of Asian Studies with connecting factors to the syllabus of the respective school. Additionally assistance is offered for both project workshops and project days. You can either chose from the catalogue of topics or you can ask for a workshop specifically tailored to the needs of your class. [more...]
China an die Schulen!
The purpose of the project „China an die Schulen!“ ('Bring China to the schools!') is, to integrate China and the Chinese language into German school teaching in a long term perspective. The 'school cooperation team' was founded in 2006 and consists of about 15 students of Chinese Studies and members of the alumni network (SHAN) as well as of employees of the Insitute of Chinese Studies in Heidelberg.
The 'school cooperation team' offers project days and working groups with the topic of China at regional schools. Members of the project conceptualise course modules and offer these to the public in a database. [more...]
China-Schul-AkademieMehr vom A/anderen w/Wissen: (Lehr- und Lern-) Dialoge mit China
Die China-Schul-Akademie an der Universität Heidelberg unterstützt interessierte Schulen und Lehrer*innen beim Erschließen von China-Wissen und Aufbau von China-Kompetenz. Das vom BMBF geförderte Projekt entwickelt qualitativ hochwertige Unterrichtsmaterialien für den Unterricht in Fächern wie Geschichte, Geographie, Gemeinschaftskunde, Religion und Ethik, Kunst und Musik sowie einen Seminarkurs/Projektkurs zum Thema China. Diese Unterrichtsmaterialien finden Sie auf der Plattform ChinaPerspektiven. Die China-Schule-Akademie bietet zudem regelmäßig Fortbildungen für Lehrer*innen an. Mehr Informationen zu dem Projekt finden Sie auf unserer Webseite. [mehr...]
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