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CATS Opening Celebrations

CATS FlyerThe Summer Semester 2019 sees the opening of the new Centre for Asian Studies and Transcultural Studies (CATS). CATS brings together the Heidelberg Centre for Transcultural Studies (HCTS) and four large Asian Studies institutions at Heidelberg University as well as their libraries: the Institute of Anthropology (IfE), the South Asia Institute (SAI) and the Centre for East Asian Studies (ZO).

The Opening Semester is punctuated by a series of events, notably the Festive Opening on June 25th. This is an overview of the Festive Opening.


Central Events
At the Institutes
10 am

The Scholar’s Choice. Heidelberg’s Asian Scholars and their favorite objects – an exhibition with the opening of the Centre for Asian and Transcultural Studies

Introduction: Margareta Pavaloi and Axel Michaels
Völkerkundemuseum (Anthropological Museum)

12 pm

Asian snacks: CATS geht durch den Magen

CATS Greens

1 pm

Ritual for the first entry of a new house (Gṛhapraveśa)

Patanjali Mishra (Benares Hindu University)
CATS Library, Building 4131

2 pm

Asia Research in Europe: Prospects and Challenges

Christiane Brosius (HCTS, IfE, SAI) and Joachim Kurtz (HCTS, ZO) in dialogue with Ravinder Kaur (Copenhagen), Tiziana Lippiello (Venice), Chunrong Liu (Shanghai/Copenhagen), Philippe Peycam (Leiden), Dhruv Raina (Delhi) et al.
CATS 440.02.12

3 pm

CATS Art (Kunst am Bau): Friedemann von Stockhausen in dialogue with Monica Juneja (HCTS, SAI, Institute for European Art History)

CATS Library, Building 4131

3:30 pm

Haiku Performance

Moderation: Hans Harder (SAI)
CATS Greens

5 pm -
7 pm

Official Opening

(by special invitation) with Ai Weiwei and Sheba Chhacchi
(Moderation: Perry Link and Christiane Brosius)
Music from the Kathmandu band TRIPLETS and Bun-Ching Lam from the chamber opera Wenji: Eighteen Songs of the Nomad Flute
CATS 010.01.05, life-streamed and broadcast to adjacent rooms

7:30pm -

CATS Opening Party

CATS Greens

7:30 pm

Students meet Ai Weiwei

CATS 440.02.12

Was? Wann? Wo? Wer?

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