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Welcome to join the CATSFORUM that is going to present eight brief talks from existing research projects or individual research foci. Do not miss the insights into current research that is going on within CATS on Friday from 11am-2pm, details in the programme here. [ Programme ]

Vom Ende als Anfang - Globale und transkulturelle Perspektiven

CATSarena No. 3 – Academic Freedom
Under the auspices of the "Ruperto Carola Ringvorlesung" the BMBF-funded Kolleg "Worldmaking from a Global Perspective: A Dialogue with China" is organizing a series of events that will examine the question of destruction and (re-)creation from different disciplinary perspectives including exchanges with artistic models, in music, art and film, and the ideas of young people. [Mehr...] | [Flyer]

New released: CATSarena No. 3 – Academic Freedom

CATSarena No. 3 – Academic Freedom
As a result of the consternation about democratic backsliding and the consequent provocation for academic freedom, Asian and Heidelberg scholars discuss the political backdrop to this intellectual challenge in this fall's issue of CATSarena.

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Referent Ort Strasse Institut Datum Link
Referent Ort Strasse Institut Datum Link

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