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23rd Conference of the German Association of Chi- nese as a Foreign Language (FaCh e.V.)

"Crossing Borders, Teaching China Competence"
11 April - 13 April 2024
Center for Asian and Transcultural Studies (CATS), Heidelberg
Voßstr.2, 69115 Heidelberg, Building 4010

In Europe, China is often considered one of the great challenges of our times. It is therefore crucial to motivate an interest in China and the Chinese language. Shenbao 13.9.1907 Especially at a time when communication with China is difficult, those who learn Chinese, who acquire and transmit knowledge about China, can help build bridges. China literacy encompasses the ability to engage in informed transcultural translation. Doing that requires a tolerance for ambiguity and a capacity for dialogue — even in the face of conflict. This involves a willingness to cross and break down borders time and again. This conference sets out to challenge established boundaries with regard to China, and to present innovative teaching concepts to build “China competency” which might serve as examples for how to teach global competencies.

  • China competence includes linguistic and cultural competencies: how can we overcome the clear distinction between language teaching and the teaching of the histories/geographies/cultures of China? How can translations of original language sources build bridges for teaching other subjects?
  • China competence denotes the ability to understand the Sinophone world at large. How do we approach different linguistic varieties, how do we incorporate the teaching of traditional or simplified characters, how do we integrate different teaching and research traditions?
  • The meaning of China competence is changing in the digital age: can we make creative use of this fact by removing dividing lines between analogue and digital teaching?
  • China competence is the ability to approach China critically: how can cognitive and affective teaching and learning strategies be used for the successful acquisition of Chinese and China literacy?
  • China competence must be taught in a target group-oriented manner: in developing textbook materials, how do we deal with different school types and age groups (pre-school and primary school, school/extracurricular teaching, vocational school teaching, university teaching)?

Call for Papers:

You may find the call for papers on the following website and directly via the linked documents:



  • Registration for the conference is currently only possible on site on the conference days, April 11th - 13th in the mornings at the Onsite Registration Desk with cash payment



  • Fachverband Chinesisch e.V.
  • China School Academy Heidelberg
  • Center for Asian and Transcultural Studies
  • Confucius Institute at the University of Heidelberg e.V.
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