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Lecture series-cum-seminar: "Itinerant Heritage: Tracing Transcultural Dynamics and Mobilities"

Theosophy Across Boundaries
From 19 October 2021 to 01 February 2022, every Tuesday 2 PM–4 PM, the Lecture series-cum-seminar: "Itinerant Heritage: Tracing Transcultural Dynamics and Mobilities" will take place in Heidelberg Centre for Transcultural Studies Karl Jaspers Centre, Room 212. Convenors: Prof. Dr. Christiane Brosius and PD Dr. Carsten Wergin. More Information

Update on Corona-Safety-Regulations

Welcome back to on-site teaching and academic exchange. We are happy to see teachers and students back in classrooms and look forward to a productive term. Up-to-date information on the most important aspects of the safety regulations for both teachers and students are now available. [more...]

Am CATS entstandenes Buch auf Spotify

Theosophy Across Boundaries
CATS-Professor Hans Martin Krämer (Zentrum für Ostasienwissenschaften, Japanologie) ist vom New Books Network interviewt worden. Zusammen mit seinem Mitherausgeber Julian Strube stellt er dort seinen neuen Sammelband Theosophy Across Boundaries (State University New York Press, 2020) vor. In dem Buch geht es um die esoterische Bewegung der Theosophie, deren Anhänger*innen Ende des 19. Jahrhunderts in verschiedenen asiatischen Ländern auch in Politik, Gesellschaft, Literatur und Kunst aktiv waren. Das Interview ist auf Spotify bzw. dem New Books Network abrufbar.

Second Issue of CATSarena online

The second issue of CATSarena, the newsletter of the Centre for Asian and Transcultural Studies (CATS), is now online. It is focused on the topic of “COVID-19 AND EPIDEMICS IN ASIA”. The present issue shows how the dimensions of the pandemic in Asia vary widely. Diseases draw attention to human-animal entanglements, but they are also occasions for humour – not even, as one may assume, of the gallows kind. The contributors document the range of local responses to COVID-19, from the subversion of health measures to the critique of governments. In addition, some more personal accounts about travel and research in unpredictable Circumstances are featured.

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Vortragsreihe: "Living the Socialist Modern"

Living the Socialist Modern
Vom 14.April bis zum 15.Dezember findet die digitale Vortragsreihe "Living the Socialist Modern: The Chinese Communist Party at 100: Global and Interdisciplinary Perspectives” in Zusammenarbeit mit dem ERC Projekt READCHINA und dem European Institute for Chinese Studies (EURICS) statt.

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