SUN, Peidong (孙沛东)01.04.2021 - 31.12.2021
Sun Peidong
Sun Peidong, formerly Professor of History at Fudan University, Shanghai, and currently visiting scholar at Sciences Po and EURICS in Paris, will be coming to Heidelberg regularly as a visiting professor, beginning in the summer term of 2021. Sun has taught courses at Stanford University and UC Berkeley and has just been offered the position of Michael J. Zak Associate Professor of History for China and Asia-Pacific Studies at Cornell University. Sun Peidong is a social and cultural historian of the post-1949 period. Her research has centred on the history and contemporary implications of Chinese everyday life and politics. She has published on topics such as global reading practices, the politics of fashion, and mate choices in China. Sun Peidong is presently working on a book titled Underground Reading of the Sent-down Generation: History and Memory of the Cultural Revolution. She will be holding workshops and engage in a digital lecture series!
HORNG, Shu-ling (洪淑苓)Frühjahr 2019
HORNG, Shu-ling

Shu-ling Horng (洪淑苓) has a Ph.D. in Chinese Literature from the National Taiwan University, and she is currently a professor at the Department of Chinese Literature of National Taiwan University. She was once the professor & the Chair of Graduate Institute of Taiwan Literature in 2011-2014. She was a visiting professor in UCSB in 2009. Prof. Horng specializes in modern Chinese and Taiwanese poetry and in Chinese and Taiwanese folk literature. In the past few years, she has undertaken research into many projects about modern Chinese and Taiwanese contemporary poetry, women's studies, and the culture of folk festival from classical poetry. Recently she published academic books like Female Study in Taiwanese Folk Literature (2013); Self-inscription and Spatiotemporal Writing: Eight Contemporary Taiwanese Female Poets (2014 ); Solitude & Aesthetics: Nine Contemporary Taiwanese Poets(2016).

Her project during her stay in Heidelberg is to research "Everyday Writing of Contemporary Chinese Poetry by Female Poets." She started working on the project at the Heidelberg Centre for Transcultural Studies in April and May 2019.

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