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Update on Corona-Safety-Regulations

Welcome back to on-site teaching and academic exchange. We are happy to see teachers and students back in classrooms and look forward to a productive term. Up-to-date information on the most important aspects of the safety regulations for both teachers and students may be found below:

  • Masks are mandatory everywhere (medical/FFP2). Lecturers/teachers/speakers (i.e. students giving a presentation) are exempt from this requirement in the seminar room if they can maintain a minimum distance of 1.5 m from the lecturer's desk at all times. Please note that the lecturer’s desk has to be disinfected afterwards if the mask is taken off!
  • Participation in courses in presence is possible only for persons fulfilling the 3G (tested – vaccinated – recovered). The fulfillment of the 3G is checked centrally by a team by random sampling. The selection of sample courses is based on the entries in LSF, so please keep LSF up-to-date at all times (i.e. delete sessions not taking place, also!). During the semester, each course will at least be checked once. Besides the random sampling, teachers are allowed to check on the 3G also. Please note that the information on the 3G-status is not allowed to be kept physically or electronically for reasons of data protection!
  • For each session, contact data tracking is mandatory! For this purpose, QR-codes for each room have been placed at the entrance door(s) and on a desk near the entrance. By scanning the QR-code with a mobile device, the browser will open a “ticket” to be bought by entering one’s contact data. There may occur problems loading the ticket due to security and other settings of the mobile device (i.e. no direct opening of the browser allowed, cache of the browser not emptied after every use). It is possible that several persons can share the same mobile device to submit the contact data – for each ticket the QR-code needs to be scanned. It is also possible to directly use the URL for the ticket system for each room. Teachers are advised to post the URL for their course on LSF and Moodle as a backup! It is also possible to use the paper form. However, each way (QR-code/URL or paper form) can only be used exclusively for each session a mixture of both is not possible!
  • When entering the seminar room, disinfecting hands is mandatory! In addition to the existing wall dispensers, appropriate table dispensers have been placed in each room near the entrance. - During the session, regular air ventilation must be provided - ideally 5 minutes of shock ventilation every 15 minutes.

Please note that if any violation of these regulations by any person is noticed, it is not only the right but also the legal obligation that the teachers request that person to follow them. If this is denied, it is again the teachers legal obligation to expel that person from university premises irrespective of the person’s status! Should the person further resist, teachers are required to start the process of prosecution for violation of the “Corona-Schutzordnung” and for trespassing will follow.

Further information on central, free test centres and free vaccination offers of the university for students may be found in this document.

We hope that we all will have a fruitful, enjoyable semester in presence here at CATS!

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