Interlibrary Loan: A Step by Step Guide

1. Is the title available in Heidelberg?

  • Check in HEIDI (original script and transcription)
  • If title is shown as missing in HEIDI:
    • Blue Loan Service (see below #2) is still possible
    • Regular ILL (see below #3): please use the "free ILL form". In the note field ("Bemerkung:") please add "Band in Heidelberg vermisst" (volume missing in Heidelberg).
  • Year of publication before 1962: check in Digikat (transkription only)

If not available in Heidelberg:

2. Not in Heidelberg, but in State Library Berlin (check here)

  • Blue Loan Service (State Library Berlin)
    • Free of charge
    • Loan period: 4 months, renewable 10 times
    • If title is not available in Berlin:
      • Berlin State Library will usually try to buy the item and still deliver it to you (this will take some time)
      • You may try to simultaneously order via regular interlibrary loan
    • Important: Renewals are only possible via the following email address: Renewal via HEIDI user account is not possible.

3. All other: regular interlibrary loan

  • Via the tab "Inter lib. loan" in HEIDI.
    • Monographs: again tab "Interlibrary Loan"
    • Articles from periodicals: tab "Journals"
  • Search for the desired title
  • Title found:
    • Enter full record display and select "interlibrary Loan".
    • Login with Uni ID. Please complete the form in Latin script, if possible without diacritical marks such as macrons, etc.
  • If not available in Germany:
    • Search for the title e.g. in WorldCat and check there in which libraries the title can be found.
    • Switch to the "Free ILL form" (also to be found under the tab "Inter lib. loan" in HEIDI):
      • Login with Uni ID. Please complete the form in Latin script, if possible without diacritical marks such as macrons, etc.
      • In the field "Falls weitere Kosten anfallen..." (if there are additional costs) please indicate an amount of at least 20 Euro for international interlibrary loans.
      • In the field "Bemerkungen" (notes) please indicate, if possible, the library and shelf mark under which the item you are looking for can be found (e.g. "International interlibrary loan from Bibl. (shelf mark: ...)")

For more information on interlibrary loan, please visit the interlibrary loan pages of the UB.



Payment via Uni-ID (UB account).

Staff members

Payment via TANs (available in the secretariats of the institutes; HCTS: Finance Department).

Commissioning student assistants:

Email to with the following information:

  • Name and Uni-ID of applicant
  • Name and Uni-ID of student assistant
  • Duration of assignment (= date of deactivation)

After the accounts have been linked, student assistants can place interlibrary loan requests on behalf of the linked staff member.

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