General Policies

For CATS Library, the Rules and Regulations and the Schedule of Fees and Fines of Heidelberg University Library apply.

The following is a brief overview of the most important rules of conduct in our library:

  • Please do not take your bags, jackets and coats into the library. They can be locked in the lockers for a deposit of 2 € (please note that the front desk only has a limited store of loose change!). You are allowed to enter the library with your further personal belongings in transparent plastic bags.
  • When entering or leaving the library, please present books you wish to bring into or take out of the library to the front desk without being asked. Do not take library books that you have not officially borrowed through our lending system or our short-term loan lists (this also applies to short-term loans to the offices of the staff).
  • With the exception of water in sealable bottles, please do not take food and drinks into the library.
  • Please keep quiet in the reading room and keep your cell phones muted so that the other library users can concentrate on their work.
  • Generally, no talking is allowed in reference areas or reading rooms.
  • If you leave the library (even for a short period in time), the reading place must be vacated beforehand and made available to other users.
  • Please do not write in books (even with pencils!) or attach sticky notes to them, since either behaviour can damage the books. Instead of sticky notes please use non-sticky bookmarks or paper strips.
  • Please deposit books that you have taken from the shelves in the book trolleys provided and marked for this purpose. Do not put them back on your own.
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